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Working From Home: Productivity Tips

Whether you are newly finding yourself working from home or have been for awhile now, having some boundaries or rules in place helps regardless.

Working from home can be bittersweet.


-Create your own schedule

-Stay in your PJs all day if you want

-Spend more time w/ your family/pets

-Don't have to pack all your food/snacks for the day

-Ability to travel more or even work at coffee shops


-Easily distracted

-Out of routine

-Sleep in late / stay up late

-Hard to "turn off" work when it's in your home space


But no need to panic, I've got a few tips/tricks that I've learned over the last 4 years of running my own online business & working from home!

  1. MAKE A SCHEDULE -> Choose your work hours (ex: 9-3pm with a 1 hour lunch break planned in OR 10-12pm / workout + lunch until 2 / 2-5pm) -> Mentally "clock-in" and "out" of work. Once work hours are over, NO checking emails/voicemails/work calls or texts. -> Plan breaks into your day (get up every hour to do 10 reps of an exercise movement, refill your water bottle, fit in a 30-60 minute workout, eat your lunch) -> Keep a SLEEP schedule too (I prefer to go to bed around 9:30/10pm and wake up around 7am and start work around 8:30am) -> Time-block your day & write a to-do list using a PLANNER (can also use your phone calendar if you prefer it digital). I love the Day Designer Planner. I've heard good things about PassionPlanner as well.

  2. CREATE A PRODUCTIVE WORK SPACE -> Set up an organized desk in a private space if possible (rather than working from your bed or kitchen table). I have a spare bedroom with a desk and when I really need to focus, I go in there and shut the door. If you don't have access to something like this, clear off a table and make that your work zone. -> Avoid working from bed, the couch w/ the TV on, etc. as it's distracting and also associates those places of relaxation with work, making it hard to unplug from work "after hours". -> Set the mood! Light a candle, play a relaxing/work/focus playlist or background noise, make a cup of coffee/tea. A few favorite playlists of mine: ask Siri to play "focusing music", Acoustic Chill on Apple Music OR this coffee shop playlist on youtube. -> Remove distractions. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb, turn off notifications, turn on "Down Time" on your iphone to turn off social media apps, keep the TV off, etc. -> Keep this room/place a EATING-FREE ZONE. Avoid mindless/boredom/stress eating by not bringing or keeping food in your work space. Don't work and eat at the same time. Take the time for yourself & eat lunch or snack elsewhere.

  3. GET READY FOR THE DAY -> Get dressed. Put on some light makeup or add in some hair gel. You have no one to impress BUT YOURSELF! You'll feel better if you actually get dressed & look presentable rather than not showering and lounging in your PJs all day (just makes you feel lazy after a while). Doesn't have to be heels and a blouse. Even just opting for leggings over sweatpants helps. Put on some lightweight foundation (Beauty Counter's Tint Skin is my fav) + mascara. Put your hair up. Do what feels best!

  4. TAKE BREAKS / MOVE YOUR BODY -> If you have trouble focusing, set a work : break ratio. Work for 30 minutes, 5 minute break, repeat. Or work for 1 hour, 10 min break, repeat. Whatever keeps you focused/productive! -> Get up every hour or so to move your body! Pick 10 reps of an exercise movement to complete, walk downstairs to get a drink, etc. -> Plan in an hour lunch break. I'd recommend 20-30 minutes for preparing & eating, then the remainder of the time is for bathroom, taking a walk or getting outside, snuggling pets/kids. -> Exercise regularly when you feel most motivated. Morning workout person? Hit it first thing upon waking then start work a mid-morning. Evening person? Start work a bit earlier so you can clock out & get in the zone for your workout.

  5. FOOD HABITS -> Follow a general meal schedule. Breakfast within an hour of waking, plan in a mid-morning snack break, take your 30-60 min lunch break (not WHILE working), plan in an afternoon snack. -> Drink your H2O! It's easy to slack on water. Use an app like WaterMinder to track water intake if needed. Make sure to keep a bottle on your desk/with you at all times & sip away. -> Out of sight, out of mind. Keep food out of your workspace and only visit the kitchen for snack breaks/meals/water refills. -> If you like to eat more frequent, snack on VOLUME FOODS. Think veggies + hummus, organic popcorn, lunch meat, jerky, etc. that are lower in calories but still filling and nutrient-dense.

What are your favorite work from home productivity tips/tricks?

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